About Carp Fishing Blog

About Carp Fishing Blog

Carp Fishing Blog gives any Carp Angler the chance to write about their fishing experiences and get their written articles published easily on the Internet for all to see and find. These articles can also be backed up with quality photos, videos and will be archived for you and our website users to look back on as time goes by.

You do not have to be a well know angler… all you need is a passion for Carp Fishing and the time to write about your sessions, ideas… well basically anything to do with carp fishing that you think is worth sharing with other anglers.

Before anyone can submit an article they must become a contributor of the website, more information on becoming a contributor can be found here.

We are really keen to get the younger anglers involved and we think this will be a great way for any angler to start building an online fishing portfolio if you are thinking of becoming a professional angler in the future for example.

Any submitted content will have to be written in a professional manner and as the website progresses we be willing to help and advise anglers on how to structure this writing as members of our team fully understand how frustrating this can be.

How it will work, it’s really simple!

You will become a contributor to the website (see this page) you will then get an area where you can log in and submit your articles or email them to us and we will happily do this for you. We will proof read any material that has been submitted to make sure it is suitable for the website and also optimize any images to make sure they display to there full potential on the web.

Who is behind this website

The website is a product / trading name of Digital Fishing Limited who have developed the website and will be responsible for the maintenance and future development of the site. They also have a range of other fishing related websites and can offer some fantastic deals for web related products for fishing related businesses.

The future

This is a very interesting area as technology is progressing so fast, we have many ideas but we are keeping these close to our chests for the time being!