About Jack Sowden

About Jack Sowden

Hi, I am Jack Sowden, a keen Carp angler of many years.

This is my new Carp Fishing Blog where I am going to document my carp fishing experiences, started September 2012.

I have started this blog to help me capture my fishing experiences and to give me something to look back on in the future. I have had so many good sessions on the bank in the past but these are now almost forgotten. I hope by staring this blog i can document any future sessions so in the future i can look back on them in more detail.

Another big reason for this blog is to hopefully help other anglers who fish the same waters as me, well that’s assuming that I can still catch fish, ha ha!

I remember a lot of people helping me back in the early years of my carp fishing carea and just feel its right to do the same for new learning carp anglers.

I am hopefully also going to cover some of my best past sessions which lead me to win many competitions in past years include, Carp Society Angler of the years and the Junior Cobra Cup. I remember whe I was at school i seemed to be in a angling publication / magazine every week, what ever happened!

So for now tight lines, and I hope you like my future posts.

Jack Sowden.