Becoming a contributor

Becoming a contributor

We are looking for enthusiastic contributors for the website who are willing to write articles and also give basic details about themselves to build up a profile for other anglers / website users to take into consideration when reading your material. This website is in its very early stages and has many new features planned and probably many still to be discover so if you have any ideas please pass them on.

You don’t have to be a full time sponsored angler to write or even have articles published in the fishing media to be a contributor. This site is aimed at anyone willing to write about their Carp Fishing experiences in a professional mannor.

We want to get the contributors of the website sharing details about what tackle, bait, rigs they are using and maybe also review new items of tackle as they buy or test for company’s in the case of sponsored anglers as they seems to be a few around these days.

Ideally we would like contributors to give weekly / monthly updates on their fishing and review any new products they are using / testing giving there honest opinions on these. We want the contributors to be honest and we will be reviewing all content before it gets published on the site.

So summing all this up, we are very excited about this new website, if you are interested in been a contributor please get in touch and we can have a quick chat and see how your post can benefit our users of the website. My phone number should be in the footer area of the site or just use the contact form.

Jack Sowden (part of the Digital Fishing Team).