CARP FISHING IN THE USA – Carl & Alex Fishing – 2015...

CARP FISHING IN THE USA – Carl & Alex Fishing – 2015 – American carp fishing

In the summer of 2015 we visited one of the most untapped carp fishing destinations in the world. Along with our American friends Brendan and Austin Pass we caught carp from some of the most incredible waters in USA. But also Brendan and Austin discovered what English carp fishing has to offer when they visited the UK and caught many carp including some lovely scaly mirrors. An amazing adventure and one we will never forget! Hope you enjoy the video!

89 minutes of Carp Fishing Fun! From small ponds in the UK to a 14 million acre lake in the USA!

This video is an insight into American carp angling which sees two American carp anglers that first visit the UK for a weeks fishing a few of our inland lakes and rivers. Then the American anglers take their UK carp angler companions over to the USA for 2 weeks, of what turns out to be a fishing adventure to remember.

Great video lads!



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