17 carp and I didn’t get there till dinnertime!

17 carp and I didn’t get there till dinnertime!

0 2018
The peg I fished.

Just found the time to write up yesterday’s hectic carp fishing session. I arrived a little later than I would have liked and found the lake extremely busy. The weather was good for sunbathing but bad for fishing! Extremely hot with no cloud in the sky, must have been over 25C.

I had wanted to get set up in the snaggy area of the lake but these pegs had already been taken. I also wanted to do some surface fishing but due to the breeze this was not possible at first. I tried to get them feeding on top early on in the session but they did not want to know.

I had to opt for the area I had fished in recent visits, peg 29 next to my usual peg 30. I had a little plum around to see what was actually out there and to see how deep the shallow area I had previously found was. After a few casts I found a nice shallow area, which was 3 to 4 feet deep and only 25 yards out, immediately I spodded out a mix of pellets and sweet corn. I knew from recent sessions I needed to put a little more bait out there, the lake is stacked with fish and I thought it would hopefully create a feeding frenzee. By using pellets and sweetcorn I hope to keep the Carp searching around for more food in the swim. Obviously the smaller items are harder for the Carp to find and keeps them interested in feeding in the swim for longer compared to just using large free offerings.

I placed two rods both with PVA bags full of pellets in the area of the spodded mix and sat back and enjoyed the sun. Soon I will document some of the techniques and rigs I use. At the moment I am just using up some of the hundreds of old rigs I have already tied up, as I used to sell them!

For the first four hours I only had two carp but I was getting loads of liners. It was clear the fish had found the bait and was starting to feed heavily. For the next four hours the action was none stop and I landed another 12 Carp. I also lost a few, including a pretty big one right at the net (still trying to forget about that one!). During this period I spodded out some more bait and catapulted pellets out several times.

By 8pm the breeze had stopped blowing and the surface had become calmer. I had been firing in Chum mixers for a while and had noticed a few fish starting to take them. I was more than happy with what I had caught on the bottom so I made the decision to reel these rods in and concentrate on taking one off the top. By the time I got my hook bait out to the area of feeding fish, they where feeding extremely confidently.

My hook bait was gulped up within seconds and I had a good fight for around 7 minutes with a double figure Carp. I was using pretty light gear so I had to be very careful. At this venue I generally use light gear, I have 2 Greys Prodigy Specimen rods with a 1.5lb TC – which makes playing small Carp pretty fun.

After this, I had two others off the top in the next 20 minutes. I was well chuffed with getting a few off the top as I love this style of fishing. All in all it was a great day and probably one to remember for a while! I felt that I had put a little more thinking into what I was doing and it paid off.


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