A short day session in the sun, Barmston Farm

A short day session in the sun, Barmston Farm

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2 carp at once!

Well I did manage to get out fishing yesterday for a bit and it turned out to be a pretty good day! I arrived at Barmston Farm fishing lake at around 11am and got set up in a swim which has a shallow area out in front of it (3 to 4 ft).

The Weather
It was an extremely hot day with a nice breeze blowing across the lake and very little cloud in the sky. Even when the sun started to fall the temperature fell very little. I think the weather definitely slowed the fishing down and maybe I should have tried stalking for the Carp in the snaggy areas of the lake. However I had some important stuff to read for work whilst I was waiting for my runs so this was not an option!

The Fishing
I fished using PVA bags full of pellets, (boilies are not allowed on this water). I cast out to the shallow gravely area out in front of peg 30, you could say it was a Plato I was fishing too. Next time I go I need to inspect this area more and find out exactly what it is. I fired 10mm Halibut pellets around both of the rods I had in the water.

From dinner time to 6pm I had only caught 2 carp but once the sun started to fall, the action was more regular. In the end I landed 6 carp and lost 3 with the biggest been about 8lb. In past visits to the lake I have caught many more fish than this in a similar time period and like previously mentioned, i think the extremely hot and bright conditions slowed them down. I also did not have any hemp & sweetcorn with me as I have found this to be a very successful bait on this lake.

More about the Barmston Farm
If you want any more information about Barmston Farm please see the link for their website below.

Link to Barmston Farms website

Not to sure when I will be fishing next, I will start to add a little more detail to these posts in the future. Please take a look at some of the photos from the day below.

I have been a keen Carp Angler since a young age and currently run a number of fishing related websites through my new company Digital Fishing Ltd. Over the past few years I have mainly fished on a no publicity water but now I have involved in this website I am looking at fishing some places where I can openly blog about my fishing.


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