I am booked on Newbridge Lake, peg 25 for the night.

I am booked on Newbridge Lake, peg 25 for the night.

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I have just got off the phone with Michelle from Newbridge Lake and have arranged to go down next Tuesday night. You have to book your pegs before you go, I have picked peg 25. When I visited the lake to have a look around the other week I saw loads of fish in this area. There were other pegs I would have favoured but unfortunately for me these where already booked.

I am not only going to target the Carp in the lake on this visit, it also contains Tench and many other specimen sized coarse fish species. I am hoping to get into some of the Tench, and for this reason I will be using small particle baits such as Sweet Corn and Pellets. I am going to try and get the smaller fish feeding first with the hope that the Carp will move in at some point. It seems as if the lake has a fairly big head of Carp and these come in all sizes. I have seen Carp as small as 2lb swimming around but the fish do run to over 30lb.

From what I have been told there has been 3 different 30lb plus Carp caught. Looking at the photos on the website there are also many 20lb plus Carp to be caught. I am really looking forward to this session as I can see this venue being somewhere I will carry on visiting regularly.

I am going to have to use the bait I have been using on previous sessions as I really can’t afford to spend any money on anything better. I will make some better hook baits as I want to be sure they stay on all night without being damaged by the smaller fish. I will use Egg Albumin in the hook bait mix to create a tougher more durable skin.

I have not got a clue what to expect from this session, so I am going with a pretty open mind. I will learn a lot of valuable information about the lake on this visit, which will be used in future trips.


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