I have got feeding fish on the brain

I have got feeding fish on the brain

0 2006
View from my bedchair
This photo was taken just after I got the rods in the water.

1.51 pm – The idea begins

So its 1.51pm and I have just got that feeling that if I get down to my local syndicate water I might get a reward! I was there over the weekend and saw a number of fish, in fact I saw more fish crashing than I have in the last 10 nights on there.

The lake in question is a no publicity water so I wont be mentioning much about the venue, more just using the opportunity whilst fishing there to get me back into writing about fishing.

Over the weekend I found some really nice clear areas and baited them up before I left, that was only yesterday. The weathers looking ok so I can probably just get away with sleeping under the stars! My rods are all set up with fresh rigs on as I anticipated a quick mid week session as I was packing up at the weekend.

Best pass this one by the wife and crack on with some work! One of my goals over the coming years is to try and make fishing more of a career. I don’t want to become a full time angler but use my website development skills to make innovative angling web based products. More on this in a later post but will have exciting news about this area shortly!

8pm – Arrive at the lake

When I arrived I could only see one other angler fishing and nowhere near where I had baited up and planned to fish. I know it’s not the best tactics to know where you are going to fish before arriving at a fishing venue but I had already baited the areas and knew the bottom was clean. I also only had one hour of light to get the rods in the spots and get the bed set up!

Knowing the exact spots I was going to position the baits I just hooked a small stick on each and boated them out. I put 3 whole boilies and a few chopped and crumbled baits.

Yum Yum! The three small PVA stocking sticks.
Yum Yum! The three small PVA stocking sticks.


I got the rods in by about 8.45pm so now it’s the waiting game! The main feature image at the top of this post was taken just after I had put the rods in.

As I am writing from the back of my car where I’m working off my laptop. I have recently invested in a leisure battery and pure sign wave inverter so this enables me to run a laptop for at least a few days.

Looking out of the car up to the sky I can see loads of stars I am really going to enjoy watching these as I fall asleep tonight. I just love the feeling of being in the country with no shouting, screaming kids and general nuisances that walk past our house.

9.51pm – Time to do a little work!

Unfortunately I have got so much on with work at the moment and new ideas I am exploring that I now need to switch back to work mode and do some proper work on some clients websites . I love it though and I don’t think there are many other web developers that do 10% of their work whilst sat waiting for a run haha, I do some times get into fish mode and switch the laptop off!

6am – Woke by a Delkim!

I had a liner at around 6am, which I presumed was a dropback and shot to the rod. This was the first action of the session so far! I spent a while in the night looking up at the starts and listening for fish but heard nothing at all. It is pretty cold this morning but I am going to hang on as long as I can as it does look fishy. With me running my own company and being able to work on the bank I don’t really have to rush off and can just get the laptop out and do a bit of work whilst the rods are still in.

I don’t think there is any point in touching the rod as I know the areas are clear and I am fishing a very small bay so Mr Carp would spook the moment I go near the waters edge. Well that’s if there are any carp down here! Not seen any real action on the water this morning apart from maybe the odd tench or pike.

Well I waited till 8am and had to quickly pack up and get back home, better look next time!

After writing this it has given me a lot of good ideas for the future, more in depth posts about tactics and my style of angling to follow!


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