Jack Sowden ice fishing for carp at Emmotland!

Jack Sowden ice fishing for carp at Emmotland!

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Whilst at university back in 2009 I had to make a short video as part of my coursework, which told a story. This seemed an ideal opportunity to get out on the bank, however when I arrived the lake was frozen!

As a youngster I used to love fishing thorough the winter and on a few occasions I had used a boat to break through the ice. There is no point breaking the ice if its just going to form again straight after you get your rods in. On this occasion there was a really strong cross wind so after the ice was partly broken the wind did the rest and also kept it clear due to the movement on the lake surface.

The video shows me out in the lake breaking the ice in an old looking boat. I would only ever suggest doing this if you are confident that if you ended up in the water you could get out. I was wearing a suite which is designed for trawler men and also had another angler with boat access / confidence he could help if anything went wrong.

This video was filmed on Emmotland pond 2 in early December. The video has had over 6500 views on YouTube at the point of writing this blog post. Video making is not my strong point but I am going to try and make a few more fun ones in the future. And maybe one day i could make a serious one.



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