Liquidus PVA Bags & PVA Tape

Liquidus PVA Bags & PVA Tape

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This article is a product review and also an overview of when I use PVA bags and how they help me with my Carp Fishing.

I have used PVA bags as part of my Carp Fishing armory for many years. I often use PVA bags to make sure hook baits are presented in a fishable manner when I am unsure about the condition of the lake bed. They are very handy when fishing in weed and especially useful when doing short sessions when you don’t want to cause disturbance trying to find suitable areas to present a hook bait.

Sometimes when I am going to arrive at a lake after dark I will prepare all rods at home with PVA Bags on. So as soon as I get to the lake I can quickly cast into position. I have also had great success preparing them at home and just casting out into random areas whilst setting my bivvy / basecamp up! Helping me sneak an extra fish on many occasions.

Over the years I have used PVA bags and Tape from many companies and also sold them at one point via my own company on eBay. I did not manufacture the bags but worked closely with another company (Black Cats Baits) who arranged for the bags and tape to be made and packaged.

I have used Liquidus PVA products for a number of years and seem to come back to them after trying other companies PVA products. They seem to be reasonably priced wherever you buy them from and on occasions you can pick them up very cheap. I recently stocked up on them as CCMoore was selling them on offer at £7 for 100 bags and also had the tape on offer for £2 per 20 meters.

They come in the following sizes, with my favorite been the mini bag size.

  • Micro bag size 50mm x 90mm
  • Mini Bag size 75mm x 100mm
  • Standard bag size 80mm x 160mm

Liquidus PVA bags have been designed to dissolve and leave no residue even at temperatures close to freezing. I have never really found them to leave any residue when reeling in after a few hours even in the coldest temperatures, unlike other PVA bags.

The bags are textured and are very durable and used alongside the PVA tape you can really manhandle both to create tight compact bag that sinks fast. They are also great at holding liquid ingredients as long as they are PVA friendly. I have never had any issues with them when casting long distances.

Overall these are the best bags I have found on the market and I highly recommend them.


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