Newbridge lake, here I come!

Newbridge lake, here I come!

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View from the car park end of the lake.

I have been back into carp fishing for about 3 weeks now, I have really got the taste for it again. I thought I would have been happy fishing nice easy venues this summer which are stacked with fish like Barmston Farm, but I went to look around a local venue yesterday, which was crying out to be fished! I started to get a feeling I have been fishing at the wrong venues.

The venue is called Newbridge Lake, in Burstwick near Hull. The lake is just under 7 acres and is set in a lovely woodland surrounding. I am going fishing there on Thursday so I will tell you a little more about it then.
I would not class the lake as being difficult water, as from what I saw it looked pretty well stocked. It would definitely be a challenge if I was to start fishing there as the lake owner told me that there have been three 30lb plus carp out. I would probably set myself a target of catching one of these larger fish.

Many years ago I used to be well up for a challenge but in more recent years I seem to be happy fishing anywhere really. Now is the time I think to step the fishing up a gear and try to start catching some bigger fish again. Even when I have been fishing recently I have not been putting as much thought into what I am doing as I used to. So things are to change now and lets see if we can start getting some fish that are worthy of sending into some of the angling magazines and newspapers.

Sometime soon I will write a few posts on the fishing I have done in the past. The main bulk of my Carp Fishing was done when I was 14 to 17 years old. I have loads of great photos and story’s to tell. That’s if I can remember them all!

One problem I have at the moment is that I cannot really afford to be spending any money on Bait and tackle. I have plenty of old bait in my garage but I feel if I was to start fishing more challenging water I could really do to get on a better source of bait. I used to sell and make bait for other people so I have plenty of bait ingredients left over still. I may try and mix them all up and see if I can come up with something thats worthy of a challenge!


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