Not the best start on Newbridge Lake but still managed one!

Not the best start on Newbridge Lake but still managed one!

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Sorry I have not posted this earlier. Whilst I was fishing I got a phone call offering me a full time job throughout the summer! I jumped at the chance, as it will help me learn the things I need to get the best grade possible next year at university.

This means that I won’t be able to go fishing every week and to be honest I cannot see myself doing much more fishing this summer!

Well lets get on with what happened at Newbridge Lake. Well it rained and rained and there were some amazing electrical storms. I tried to get some photos of the lightening but I missed it every time!

I set up early afternoon and had a good plum around to see what was out there and found some nice spots to put the baits. I spodded pellets and sweetcorn out, in the hope of getting the smaller fish such as bream and tench feeding first.

To cut a long story short I did not have one bleep through the night and I was extremely surprised by this. I learned from a few anglers I spoke to that the peg I was fishing was not a very popular one. I would not have said it was a bad peg as I found some really nice clear areas on the bottom to fish amongst the weed and thick smelly silt!

I opted to do a bit of stalking as I had seen fish in the margins to my right early in the morning. I just fished bread crust amongst the lillys. After a good wait I hooked and landed a fish of around 14lb. It was hell of a fight as there where snags everywhere, a fight I certainly wont forget for a while.

After catching this fish I had no further action and all the fish in the area had spooked after catching.


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