Still Busy! Busy making websites!!! But still catching

Still Busy! Busy making websites!!! But still catching

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A carp caught during August 2009.

Over the past two weeks I have managed two very short evening fishing sessions on Barmston Farm. I just popped for 3 hours after work with just the one rod! On both visits I have managed a few Carp just over 10lb.

I have been fishing on the surface and moving around to find any feeding fish. Its been nice taking a small amount of gear, as there are no worries when you get back home, cleaning etc. Also its nice not to have to lug it to your peg and spend twenty minutes setting up. The weather has not been great during both sessions and i am looking forward to hitting it right and bagging up in the following weeks.

I am hoping to get back out this week, but again it will only be for a couple of hours at the most.

I have just been fishing with Bread Crust on the hook and Chum Mixers for the free offerings. I had bought some imitation bread and was going to give that a go too but have not really had the chance as I have been rushing to get the rod in the water upon arrival at the lake. My mate was using this and he did not seem to be getting as many takes as me, in fact I don’t think he had a proper take at all!

Imitation Bread
Over the last few sessions I have not been getting bothered by little nuisance fish such as Roach and Rudd so bread has been ideal and most convenient bait to use. I was wanting to get a bit of confidence using imitation bread, as it is a handy tool to have in your armory when been bothered by small Roach and Rudd on a water like Barmston Farm. I like using bread as you can totally bury the hook inside and there is never a problem hooking the carp.

Zig Rigs
This is something else I am wanting to have a go with on Barmston farm as I have heard a few people have been catching the Carp whilst fishing a foot deep. I am going to try this method out this week and I shall let you know if it does work. For anyone who does not know what a Zig Rig is, you basically fish say a 6ft hook length in 8ft of water. There are many different versions you can use but the main idea is always the same.


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