CCMoore Test Rolled Baits #bargain #boilies

CCMoore Test Rolled Baits #bargain #boilies

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CCMoore Test Rolled Baits - EQUINOX

Each one of the CCMoore ready-made boilies is sometimes sold cheap due to imperfections during manufacturing.

CCMoore say… “Within our boilie rolling facility we sometimes get batches of bait from test production runs that don’t meet the standards we set for our products. This may be due to boilie colouration changes, shape imperfections or too much or too little firmness and therefore these baits are not sold at full price.”

The defected boilies are sold under the special offers category on their website. They call them test rolled baits and at the time of writing this review they sold for £25 per 5kg making them very affordable at just £5 per KG.

CCMoore say… “All of these baits are made to the exact same recipe as always so will offer the same attractors and nutrients as normal but, due to a minor production issue, they will have some imperfections.”

With this in mind, these reduced priced boilies sound a great product to help you keep cost down when fishing with large amounts of bait or regular pre baiting.

I ordered 10kg of 18mm EQUINOX shelf life thinking they would only be good for use via a boat or for crushed and chopped baits. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrive and they were almost perfectly round meaning I could use them in a throwing stick without any problems.

The baits were slightly discoloured and some were softer than others. I was able to use them in a throwing stick at medium range without many exploding. If you were to air dry them they would be absolutely fine and knowing they are exactly the same recipe as the more expensive boilies this seems like a great option for trips to the continent where taking that extra bit of bait can be a big advantage.

CCMoore say… “These baits are ideal for use as a very cost effective loose feed and are perfect for fishing in conjunction with pop ups, dips and other products in the same boilie range.

I am certainly going to keep an eye on the website as I have noticed when they become availed the smaller sizes tend to sell out very fast. I am going to start supplementing around 50% of my bait with these, mainly for me to be able to use more bait and also allow me to pre bait swims on my local lake with a quality food source.

5KG of 18mm EQUINOX – CCMoore Test Rolled Baits

Link to CCMoore website

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